Peter Green

About me

My love for start-ups and business took off in 2019 when I decided to launch SWITCH, an alternative coffee company created to make consumers laugh. This coincided with me juggling my final year undergraduate project in computational biology and working in an investment bank in London.

In November of 2019 I dropped everything and flew to Brazil with the intention of finding the most innovative and ambitious coffee producers across Latin-America. I put my Spanish to the test and met with farmers, distributors, and coffee shop owners to pitch my business idea. I flew to New Zealand to continue my journey when COVID-19 struck and I sadly decided to abandon the world of coffee.

After starting a series of other businesses in online education and marketing, I decided to return to my love for the sciences and technology in 2020. I'm passionate about nature and I love the role biosciences and computing can play in our efforts to create a more sustainable planet.

For this reason, I have spent the majority of 2021 assisting climate-technology companies and participating in the quest to commercialise novel ideas and technologies designed to improve our planet.

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